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Re: Alpha 7c and the Checkout API

Ok, got a lot of great feedback from people offering testing. You can pick to test either an update from a previous version or a clean install of Alpha 7c. I think some people specified one or the other, so we should have all our bases covered.

I am attaching the proposed Alpha 7c to this post. As I mentioned, a change that breaks backward compatibility for checkout panes has been introduced (wiping out finally about 10kb of code!). This means you shouldn't use this code on live sites using the coupon or discounts module (or any others with custom checkout panes) until those modules get updated. Developers can view the notes in this thread to update their panes and check the examples in I really think it's about a 5 minute fix per module.

What I'm interested in are any bugs in the normal installation. If anyone has the time, I'd love to know where our installation instructions are out of date due to recent changes. And as always, any ideas for simplifying things are most welcome!

Please report any glaring usability bugs, too. (I already know of one when trying to apply a shipping quote to an order from the order admin screen.)

For those testing updates from prior versions, please be aware: the file structure has changed. Due to the growing number of modules for payment and shipping modules, I have created subdirectories in the ubercart directory to hold modules related to both systems. I have also included an empty directory called contrib that will have a readme file in it pointing people to our contributions directory for contributed modules. The file structure changes shouldn't be a problem... you should just install it, then remove the duplicate directories in the payment and shipping subdirectories from the root directory.

I'd love to get this out early tomorrow, so I'll review this thread first thing in the morning (and probably from home tonight Eye-wink ).

One step closer to Alpha 8... and one step closer to Beta. Cool

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Alpha 7c and the Checkout API By: Ryan (47 replies) Mon, 09/10/2007 - 18:51