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@xerbutter: regarding the Views, we have added a handler function so prices get formatted properly. Can you try going to the edit form for your View and resaving it to see if that solves the issue? (It's working at this test site - and here.)

Also, for everyone with the subtotal bug... it seems to be some odd sort of update bug. I haven't encountered it yet on an install from scratch and one update from 7b. Can you provide details about the modules and checkout panes you have enabled and maybe give me a link to your test sites so I can go see what's going on?

Never mind! I found it and will be fixing it. To confirm, if you had the subtotal bug, please go to your checkout pane settings form and simply save it. No need to change anything. Then go back and tell me what you see at checkout. Smiling

Alpha 7c and the Checkout API By: Ryan (47 replies) Mon, 09/10/2007 - 18:51