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Guess that makes us both confused.

Had one setup on a Wamp local host server with reorder installed. The button above the address field was added when reorder was installed.

Then on a 2nd setup on another computer with Wamp there was no button above the address box. When reorder was installed it showed up.

Not a bad thing, but now wounder where it came from when reorder is added.

Have never seen that addition on my other older site so thought that it was something that reorder added. Maybe not!


Yes, there is a reorder button on user/4/orders. Changed the status of the order from pending to completed.

When clicked there are no additional items placed in the cart nor does it take you to the cart. The button returns you to the previous page user/4/user/4/orders/reorder/62. (seems that there are a double set of user/4 listed)

If I take out one set of user/4 the cart is displayed with the reordered items showing. Now, what to modify to dump the extra info that is in the URL. (note: my drupal folder is called drupal-5.12 and not durpal - perhaps not an issue - this is being run as localhost on a Wamp server)

Reorder button By: TR (8 replies) Tue, 03/11/2008 - 01:05