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I hope someone can help us with this issue. You can read the first post in this topic for more details, and the rest of the topic for the history, but here's the summary:

1. The Checkout page does not work in our Ubercart 1 installation under Drupal 5. It really seems to be a Javascript issue. It has been going on for about a year and a half and is destroying our online business. We have seen about 90% drop in online sales as a result of this. We need help.

2. When you try to check out, it does not display the radio buttons to select a shipping option, even if you click the button "Click to calculate shipping". As a result, you cannot proceed to the next page because you get an error message that says "You must select a shipping option before continuing."

3. Another indication that it's a JavaScript issue is that under the Payment Method section, it says:
Payment method
Select a payment method from the following options.
Javascript must be enabled to view the order total preview.

4. Another indication that it's a JavaScript issue is that the symptoms changed as there were changes to JavaScript about 14 months ago.

5. A year ago, it seemed to just be in Safari and Internet Explorer 6. We figured, as some point IE7 would be more widely adopted, and we also understood most people don't care about the Mac, so we couldn't complain much. However, it turns out it does not work on IE 7 either -- we get reports of this from users all the time. And last week we were told it is not working on Google Chrome for Windows either. So, at this point, the ONLY browser it seems to work on is Firefox for Mac & Window. To process orders in our office, we use Firefox for Mac.

6. At first we thought it was an issue with our custom theme, however, we are now using the Zen theme, which is possibly the mostly widely used Drupal theme. I do not know what more can make this a larger issue than just our platform and theme; this is not a site using proprietary configurations or wanting to run on an obscure browser.

7. We are using the latest production version of Ubercart 1 and the latest version of Drupal and we are not using the Addresses module, which was causing us major problems.

8. This is not just a Mac issue.

I have attached a screenshot of the Javascrip not showing the shipping options or order total preview.

We have invested thousands of hours into our Drupal and Ubercart site and we are desperately up a creek. Can someone please help us?

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JavaScript problem in Drupal 5.7 and UberCart Beta 7 By: somatics (17 replies) Wed, 03/19/2008 - 23:03