Re: Roadmap (especially in respect to i18n)

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Re: Roadmap (especially in respect to i18n)

It's my understanding that Ubercart 3 will just be a direct port of 2 to Drupal 7.

There's also a fork of Ubercart for Drupal 7, called Drupal Commerce. This will be a complete re-write of Ubercart, taking what the developers have learned over the years working on Ubercart.

You can read more about the Drupal Commerce project here:

I would expect most of the heavy lifting related to Drupal 7 and E-Commerce to get done there and not in the Ubercart 3.x project.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong...but that's my understanding of the situation and one I support.


Ubercart 3.0 Alpha 1 Released By: Andy (28 replies) Sat, 04/17/2010 - 21:18