Hi j0rd, I get angry when

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Hi j0rd, I get angry when

Hi j0rd,

I get angry when issues are brought up and not integrated back into core

By core do you mean UC core or Drupal core?

Maybe you could write up a full review of patches that need to get integrated, now that you have the eyes/ears of developers.

Does that mean that you are one of the developers? If not, I might have their eyes, but i18n may still not be a priority.

I'd be more than happy to! But that being said, and I want to say this in the nicest way, is anyone going to follow up?

I ask because I just did a quick check of the bug reports I have raised against Ubercart (7 of them) and all of the issues are still open, most have not even been commented on by anyone from the UC team, and four of them are over 20 weeks old. And has you've shown with the link to the forum discussion about i18n, there are a lot of multi-language issues and they've been around for a long time.

I'm not a hard-core developer but can test, file bug reports, and am happy to do whatever I can to help out. But so far I feel that i18n just isn't an issue that anyone on the UC team wants to take on and so even bugs reports are pretty pointless.

But that being said, I want to do what I can! If someone from the UC team needs me to do something specific, I am more than happy to give them my time and effort.

Now, for a review of the most basic i18n problems and their fixes, there's a great blog post here which explains at a code level why the problem exists and gives code and workarounds solution:


The main issues are:

  • Ubercart does not translate "add to cart" and other form buttons
  • Ubercart does not synchronize product data across translated nodes (product information needs to be updated for each translation)
  • Taxonomy terms are untranslated in Catalog block
  • Adding items to the cart in one language, then switching to another language does not localize the cart contents
  • Ubercart does not localize products during checkout

And not listed on firewing1's blog is the fact that the stock module totally breaks when using translated nodes.

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