ubercart - marketplace revision

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ubercart - marketplace revision

Hi Guys
My client asked me to create a site that is a true market.
and his definitions to true market where;
1. support for multiple seller ( exists in marketplace project)
2. support for multiple seller accounts ( payments should go directly to the the individual seller will the option to auto charge commision from seller)
3. support for shipment and packaging management by each seller.
4. if buyer is adding to cart products from more then one seller, orders will be created per seller ( this is not the case with marketplace right now)
5. own order (status and more ) management will be available to seller not just store admin.

Generally speaking the marketplace solution create a very centric marketplace model in which the store dose almost every thing.
I think we need a decentralized model in which the store only supply the "place" and tools for the seller to make his own business

I went over the code of marketplace and some core ubercart module very briefly and understood the reason for such a centric modeling
Ubercart in the firstplace is written to a single store solution - so centric model is much more quicker to develop then decentralized model

however I think it is about time that ubercart will make that step forward and supply a real support for marketplace decentralized model

Please let me know what you guys are thinking

Best Regards

Arin Ben Aharon
Algoma Systems LTD

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