Hi Andy, Thanks a lot for the

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Hi Andy, Thanks a lot for the

Hi Andy,

Thanks a lot for the comprehensive answer.
Looking very much forward to the split between nodes and products. This will probably make a multi-language site (like I try to build) much easier and better manageable. Didn't know that was a immediate goal, as those are not really addressed anywhere on ubercart.org (as far as I know). Would also love to know what way attributes will be going. Read some idea's a while back of making those entities as well. For me an interesting idea, because some of the attributes I have (or want) will affect packing size or minimum order quantity. Like now I have 5 different sizes of playing cards on my website, because packing information will change with size. Sadly, I fail to write a good SEO description for 5 different sizes of playing cards, so extended attributes would be very welcome from my side.

That said, one could devise a system that would allow attributes to change anything on a product, but which might make the shop too complicated for first time users. That's where the choice between a somewhat simple and user friendly shop and a high end comprehensive system (multi-language, multi-product type, mult-currency and multi-tax system) will be made imho.

Still busy working on the Ubercart 1.x to 2.x conversion of my site. Hope to get it running in a few weeks time and then will move on to Drupal7 (which seems to be adding more critical issues at the moment instead of solving those?).

Anyway, hope to hear a lot more on the goals the dev-team is setting themselves on.


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