Sounds like Excel is to blame?

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Sounds like Excel is to blame?

Sorry, I've just read my own comment and it sounds really whingy!

No worries - not whingy at all by some standards!


it is easy to work around - either don't use excel(!) or just save the exported file with notepad or similar first. Next, open with excel using the little wizard thing that it has to open CSV files and make sure to set the relevant columns to text. Then it works fine.

OK, I think I get it now. It's actually a problem with the way Excel opens the .CSV file when you click the "Export ... to CSV file" link, right? Presumably it's opening the CSV file using some default settings that drop leading 0s in field values. A few ideas spring to mind...

  • As you say, don't use Excel. OpenOfffice opens CSV files with an initial "import" dialog that lets you fine-tune the field types if you need to.
  • There might be a setting in Excel that lets you specify that all fields in a CSV import are text, or at least makes it open CSV files with the wizard you mention.
  • You could probably just do a "save as..." (right click menu in Firefox, maybe same in IE) on the "Export ... to CSV file" link, instead of getting wordpad involved. Once you have the CSV as a local file, open it with Excel using the import wizard as you describe.


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