too bad

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too bad

Thanks David,

It sounds like using attributes and tracking the stock on them is not a viable option for me then. I'm tracking about 500 products (I sell plants) in different sizes, and need to ability to mod prices and stock from a .csv. The stocks file (attached as .csv.txt for uploading) didn't t track the sub-skus unfortunately. I went into the settings and verified they were all active, am I missing something?

Anyway, to avoid redundancy in pictures and info for the plants (same pics ans info despite what size I sell it, just different prices and stocks) I was hoping to use the attributes, but my plan now is to implement as skus without attributes for the time being until I have more time to tinker. Thanks for your help, and I'll post a solution if I find/write one.


product-options.csv_.txt 55 bytes
products.csv_.txt 298 bytes
stock-level.csv_.txt 187 bytes
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