Quote: "But at this point we

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Quote: "But at this point we

"But at this point we are basically waiting on Drupal 7 to reach beta and the be released. We will continue to implement these small features until Drupal 7 reaches Beta (rumored to be in 2-4 weeks), and then proceed in lock step with Drupal through beta to a stable release."

Now I'm *basically waiting* for Ubercart to reach beta so I can start porting the modules I have contributed to your ecosystem. Any predictions?

I've been patiently waiting too. Drupal 7.0-rc1 will be released in under two weeks, but the lack of recent development on Ubercart, the ever increasing number of issues at d.o and no response to this thread or http://drupal.org/node/968118 is starting to make me think about forking Ubercart myself for D7, or using Drupal Commerce instead.

Ubercart 2.3 and Ubercart 3.0 Alpha 3 released (now with Rules integration!) By: Lyle (18 replies) Fri, 07/16/2010 - 16:15