IPN not working for manual payments

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IPN not working for manual payments


I'm having trouble with the payment process when a user manually enters their credit card details into Paypal (as opposed to using an existing Paypal account). When the user has completed the payment process on Paypal, they are then required to manually click a button to return them to the Drupal site (if they're logged in with a Paypal account, it auto-redirects). If the user doesn't click this button, then the rest of the Ubercart process isn't completed. Ie. Email invoice isn't sent off and the order status isn't updated to active/pending. It's stats is "In checkout". Isn't IPN meant to notify Ubercart as soon as the payment is successful, so we're not relient on the user returning to the Drupal site?


How do I configure PayPal IPN? By: Ryan (14 replies) Wed, 01/02/2008 - 16:37