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Re: Core hack

firewing1, your efforts on this are great - no doubt at all.

I'm just worrying a bit that if the system is getting bigger and one would like to have more functionality, it's just difficult to maintain.
That is, if one wants to have more modules, features etc. maybe there will be any problems that interfere.

How about panels with views of products that should be loaded according to category ID and language?
How about sections?
How about the export of products in different languages?
Not sure though wich are pure Drupal tasks and where Ubercart interferes.

I somehow would not like to go with Magento since it is really huge - but it just seems to work a bit better here.


Still favouring Drupal, there must be another way to approach this.
I have to think this Service thing through and try to distribute the products among several shops and then just translate them.
Any thoughts on this?

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