Hi, I would love some

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Hi, I would love some

I would love some response on Ubercart guys on the remark from RavenHursT?
I have build a Ubercart side and want to build a new one. What commerce system with Drupal should I use? And why should I use Ubercart for D7?
I really think some improvements need to be done in Ubercart. Some things I found using Ubercart/D6:
1) The add-to-cart button and attributes are not easily seperated themeable
2) Cheap or free good Ubercart themes are difficult to find
3) There is a uc_rules project. But the adaption is slow. I think Conditional Actions is not the way forward
4) To get mulicurrency support is difficult to handle
5) cck, views support is not easy within uc. There is a cck_attribute module, but it is not production ready yet
6) there is not a good color (or other attribute) option selection module. uc_option_image is one. But it is constrained to only changing one image.

This is just a small list of annoying things I have noticed using Ubercart on D6. I am not a programmer, only a user. So may be this is not the right place to suggest. Thanks for all other great development on uc, and hopefully this list is beneficial for future improvements.

Ubercart 3.0 Alpha 1 Released By: Andy (28 replies) Sat, 04/17/2010 - 21:18