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Re: its working

This is a nice module, and it works fine.

Hopefully someone can help me a little bit:

(1) Is there anything that speak against using one file to update price, stocks,.. at once ?

(2) Can i write the CVS files to the filesystem ? How could i save a new CSV when a stock reaches X or when a product is purchased ?

(3) In the other direction: Can i use cron to look at /site/whatever/here_is_the_new_stock if there is a new CSV and if yes update ? Can i trigger this from another programm that drupal looks for a new CSV ?

(4)Is it bad or OK to update Stock every 5 minutes ?

(5)Any chance for a D7 port ?

Thx a lot and if this doesn´t work right now i willing to donate a smallish bounty_/maybe other need this to ?

EDIT: There is no rules integartion obv but it would be very nice if it would be possible to make a rule "save new list when a stock is updated"

Stock & Price CSV Updater 2 By: david.houlder (94 replies) Sat, 05/29/2010 - 22:48