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Re: Ubercart on Drupal 7

Its really not about moderating well perhaps removing the verification system as it makes it hard to post messages on the forum. Basically the news/update sections need to be updated, get rid of the issue tracker as its old info and redundant since the one on Drupal is so active and just make the Issue Tracker link to the Drupal one.

The forums should be streamlined as a lot of them are not needed since the cummunity is so small and just makes it look like there is less activity.

The demo should be a little more developed and include real test products.

At the end of the day the real problem is lack of communication from the site owners, again I and most will understand people have things going on in their lives that might interfer with running but it doesn't take much to at least update the news sections. The news section is 12 months old, to anyone coming in looking at the site will think UC is dead and not bother with it or tell others what they saw on the UC site.

Is this site managed anymore? By: SeanK (24 replies) Thu, 04/28/2011 - 12:45