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I am trying to test it now but the only I get is Standard delivery = 0.

I used to have installed 8 table quote, and now I uninstalled them and deleted their folders.

Then I installed global quote with all my delivery rates for different countries. Also I installed only one table quote as I want to add free delivery for orders above certain amount. I noticed if I disable the table quote with free delivery then the Standard delivery = 0 dissappears. However, now I receive the error message.

I checked in the conditions table and it seems that my previous 8 table quote are still there and they don't have the delete option. I tried to disable them but it is not possible. Also I looked into global quote and there where not conditions selected, so I choose all the countries I defined in my shipping zones. But still it doesnt work in my test.

Any suggestions on how to make this module work?

Attached you will find some screens.

Could be possible to see the exact amounts of weight with decimals in the shipping quotes table? it seems all are rounded. I am thinking in creating a page with this table as I noticed that my customers like looking at the delivery rates first (a summary of weights and delivery rates) and then start placing orders where they receive the corresponding shipping quote.

Many thanks

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