Hello Joan, I had to delete

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Hello Joan, I had to delete

Hello Joan,

I had to delete table quote from my database manually as the uninstall didn't work. Now I left Global quote only and inserted the delivery rates for 8 regions. However, when I do the testing all is fine for zone 1 but the others 7 zones cannot make it work. When I click on the button to calculate the shipping cost for any of the other 7 regions I get the error : There were problems getting a shipping quote. Please verify the delivery and product information and try again.

I reset the meta conditional, predicate and action for Global quote. But still I get only zone 1 to work.

Also deactivate and active the module in modules list and then Update, Flush cache and run cron but still the same.

Thanks for allowing to see two decimals in the table of quotes instead of rounding. In this manner it will be possible to create a summary table as image or within a block by pulling this view.

Attached you will find some screens.


shipping quote via global quote.JPG 34.8 KB
conditional actions1.JPG 16.75 KB
add condition.JPG 26.31 KB
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