Not able to setup shipping cost

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Not able to setup shipping cost


I want to setup shipping cost per country per shopping cart weight.
For example , For USA , Cart weight 0.00 lb to 0.55 => shipping cost will be $10
0.56 to 1.10 => shipping cost will be $12

I have created zone "USA" and in "Global Quote section" created 2 slots 0.00(min weight) to 0.55(max weight) => shipping charge $10 and 0.56(min weight) to 1.10(max weight) =>shipping cost $12.

Now, If cart weight is in betwwen (0.00 to 0.55 OR 0.56 to 1.10) then shipping results are correct.

But, If cart weight is exact 0.55(max weight of 1st slot) OR 1.10(Max weight of 2nd slot) then I am getting error "There were problems getting a shipping quote. Please verify the delivery and product information and try again.
If this does not resolve the issue, please call in to complete your order."

Can anyone please help me??

Thanks in advance.

Ubercart Global Quote By: joanpc (37 replies) Thu, 04/21/2011 - 07:16