A little change in the info file

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A little change in the info file

Hi and thanks for the contributed module.

With the original info file uc_check_stock_before_cart is located in the modules node in other.

This changes are just to insert the module into the Ubercart extra package and adding the version number:

Save this lines in: uc_check_stock_before_cart.info

; $Id$
name = Check Stock Before Cart
description = Checks the stock levels of the attributes selected before adding the product to the cart.
version = "6.x-1.0"
core = 6.x
package = "Ubercart - extra"
project = "ubercart"
datestamp = "1320511440"


UC Check Stock Before Cart By: realworksmedia (2 replies) Wed, 05/11/2011 - 15:44