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Re: Solution to showed tabbed product content

Related content is actually not that hard. I just figured it out today. The modules I needed were


Here's a page you can see as an example (still rough design) . This uses the three modules and each QT tae except for the description is done with views and references field. I'll try to do a rundown on how I did this in the next few days. I just figured it out so my head is full.

Oh and this is done by a non programmer, it just involved lots of reading, frustration and trial and error.

Oh the content listed in the Where to Buy and MSDS/Manuals tabs is referenced from these pages which are part of the site Distributors MADS and Feed Charts

Modules for doing related content in tabs on product pages By: stephthegeek (15 replies) Sun, 05/24/2009 - 19:17