Combine Flat Rates

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Combine Flat Rates

Please help

I have the following below, enabled uc_combine, selected all to remove user selection from checkout and add all shipping quotes.

Case Shipment (if select case attribute) Should be combined with options below
Ontario and Quebec FREE (Over $60)
All other Provinces FREE (Over $100)
Ontario and Quebec Flat Rate (Less than $60)
All other Provinces Flat Rate (Less than $100)

Tested above without uc_combine and it works but gives user options to select.

Problem #1 - It is only showing case shipment total.

Problem #2 - I have another selection that I do not want to be combined (Pick Up $0.00) that the user should be able to select and removes all options above.

Please help not sure what how to configure properly for Problem #1 and totally clueless for Problem #2

Thanks for your help!

Ubercart Combine Shipping By: philsward (47 replies) Mon, 08/29/2011 - 13:50