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RE: Combine Flat Rates


If you are not using any other shipping methods (IE Canada Post, UPS, FedEx etc.) then you don't really need the Combine Shipping module to accomplish what you are trying to do. In a sandbox, I was able to create three different flat rate methods, "Flat Rate", "Free" and "Customer Pickup". Using some conditional actions on each I was able to do what you were trying to do. The ONLY problem I ran into, was the inability to weight the "Customer Pickup". For some reason, it would always put it at the top, regardless of weighting the conditional action for it... : ( I haven't messed with flat rates much but I am very surprised there isn't a way to weight the order of how they show up to the customer...

Hope that helps and if you are curious on my conditional actions, let me know and I'll try to explain what I did.

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