Global shipping quote - receiving quotes

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Global shipping quote - receiving quotes


I am building a website with Drupal 6, Ubercart 2 and am using the Global Shipping Quotes module rc-1. A week or 2 ago I had everything set up, zones, and a number of quotes for different weight ranges per zone. Everything was working perfectly. The last week or so I have been concentrating on other aspects of building the website, however since yesterday I notice that when in the 'View cart' or 'Checkout' pages, after typing in an address the shipping calculating box remains endlessly on "Receiving quotes" and won't proceed any further.

I have gone through the settings about 20 times and I have tried adding an extra zone and quote, but still no success. Since it has already worked on this installation I think we can rule out that it might be a problem with the hosting environment. I have also tried adding a flat rate and disabling global quote, then it works immediately. I have also removed and re-uploaded the global quote module. If I try setting it up on another system it works immediately so I think that the settings I am using should be correct. All other modules on the site are up to date.

So I am completely at a loss for how to get this working again. Can anyone give any tips?

Many thanks,
Gijs W

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