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Quote: perhaps removing the

perhaps removing the verification system as it makes it hard to post messages on the forum

As of right now, you don't need to verify your email to sign-up and start posting on uc.org. However, if our battle with the spammers continue to be a major problem, we'll take extra security measures to try and regain some ground in that war. At this point-- it's a last resort. I've recently added the math CAPTCHA to each node post-- so that seems to be holding back the spammer horde that has been plaguing these forums for far too long.


get rid of the issue tracker as its old info and redundant since the one on Drupal is so active and just make the Issue Tracker link to the Drupal one.

Done! Issue Tracker now points to our drupal.org issues page. Anyone can still have access to all the old issues under the "Archived Issues" link now added to our secondary menu. However, all issues will be closed so that we may encourage the community activity already taking place over at drupal.org.


The forums should be streamlined as a lot of them are not needed since the cummunity is so small and just makes it look like there is less activity.

Any ideas how you would go about narrowing that down? I'd love some feedback on which forums you think are dispensable and which still have value to the community.


The demo should be a little more developed and include real test products.

Totally. Our goal with the new demo site is to showcase the range of products Ubercart has the ability to power. From physical goods to digital downloads. After browsing through so many live-sites (deleting a bazillion spam posts....) I'm pumped to see how good we can make it look. I'm one to believe that presentation is just as big a piece of the puzzle as the code itself.


At the end of the day the real problem is lack of communication from the site owners, again I and most will understand people have things going on in their lives that might interfer with running ubercart.org but it doesn't take much to at least update the news sections.

Agreed dude... Agreed --> http://www.ubercart.org/comment/66917

Thanks for the suggestions End User!

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