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drupal 7

Thanks for the fast reply Smiling

I'm glad work is still being done on this module to move it into D7 / UC3

I was originally using D7 when I ran into the show stopping problem of not being able to combine shipping w/ UC3

The solution I went with was downgrading to D6 & UC2. I must say the UC combine shipping module saved the project

However, I would prefer to do the project w/ D7 to avoid an update in a few months, and essentially avoid additional costs for the client. The only thing stopping me from D7 is this one issue

If you are able to upload the D7 version it would be much appreciated. Otherwise, I'm ok with waiting till summer 2012, but would like to avoid this if possible

Thanks for spearheading this useful module


Ubercart Combine Shipping By: philsward (47 replies) Mon, 08/29/2011 - 13:50