PayFlow Pro payment processor


Sponsors and Contributors: Full Spectrum Solutions, Ideal Solution, LLC, Four Kitchen Studios

This module provides support for the Verisign PayFlow payment processor. Unzip into ubercart/ and enable.

NOTE: This module is not compatible with the PayPal payment processor.

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New PayFlow Pro with Express Checkout

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Bug Finder
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Bug fixes to work with credit card module

I have fixed all the bugs that kept this module from working with the credit card module. I have not tested the express checkout code. This is an older but more stable (no recurring support) version of the uc_payflowpro module found at


Jon Antoine

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White Screen of Death

I've been working with ubercart-5.x-1.5 and uc_payflowpro and was receiving the White Screen of Death. After a little bit of hunting I found in the uc_payflowpro module that the function _uc_payflowpro_invoice_xml() is calling uc_taxes_calculate($order). Looking through uc_taxes this function doesn't seem to exist anymore...but appears to have been renamed uc_taxes_calculate_tax($order). Updating the call to this new function appears to have resolved the problem and I am now able to process credit card charges.

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Main Payflow Branch

The main (supported) version of the Payflow Pro module is on

It is based off of the version on this page, but has many fixes and is actively supported.