Geoshipping: assign postage rates to geographical locations


an unabashed rip-off of the taxes module, the geoshipping module lets you specify postage rates based on the geographical location of the customer. postage rates are applied at the "review order" stage.

an amount can also be set per rule so that orders totaling more than that amount will be shipped for free.

eventually, it's planned to rip off the per-product functionality from the taxes module and include it in the geoshipping module, too.

this is my first contrib and my first module, so all feedback is welcome, but be gentle. Smiling

**note:** this module hasn't been extensively tested. please let me know of any hiccups. i have no idea how this module will behave in combination with the regular shipping module, for example.

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this module is technically still in development, but here are some updates:

- package weight is calculated by adding the individual weight of each item in the order.

- no postage is applied to packages weighing zero.

- rules are written per geographic location. at the moment, the issue with smaller zones overwriting larger ones has not been resolved. i'm actually considering scratching this and just making the module apply to countries only. it seems a lot of work for someone to input all the rules for all countries, let alone individual zones within them.

- rules can be written in two ways. either leave minimum and maximum weights blank or write separate rules for different weight ranges. e.g.:

australia $20 [no min weight] [no max weight] [optional maximum price*]

australia $6 [0] [250] [optional maximum price*]
australia $12 [250] [500] [optional maximum price*]
australia $24 [500] [no max weight] [optional maximum price*]
*orders over the maximum price are shiped for free

- there is no check built into the system to stop you from defining overlapping rules, so be careful.

please note: if you have already installed the previous version, uninstall it before you install this one _or_ update the database column properties manually before installing the new module. i couldn't figure out the sql to make a proper update... :/

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Re: update


I installed geoshipping and added two shipping rate rules. But I can´t select geoshipping in 'Shipping quote settings' as a method.

Is also don´t know where I can change the field 'postal code' to 'country' on the page 'View Cart' where customers can calculate there shipping-cost.

Can somebody help me.


Have latest Drupal and Ubercart version.

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Re: update has a lot of examples for how to do different things in the update hook. Just remember to use update_sql() instead of db_query() to give feedback on the SQL queries.

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Hello, I´m not a developer


I´m not a developer of Drupal. I installed geoshipping, activated the module and I ´ve runned update.php.

Should I do more then this?


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hey jurgen, sorry i didn't

hey jurgen,

sorry i didn't see your post earlier.

the geoshipping module is lacking in a few areas. it was basically developed by myself and another guy here because we needed it, but neither of us are really hardcore programmers. :/

it doesn't work in the same way as the other shipping modules that give you a nice preview of the shipping cost. you only get to see the shipping cost when you go to review your order.

does that answer your question? kinda?


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updated version

new and improved!

arbel has improved the module so that a unit price can be defined per weight (e.g., 10c per gram) - yippee!

the module still requires you to fill out shipping rules per country - boo!

if anyone knows how to define a country group (or zone group) that could then have one rule applied to all countries in the group, it would be really handy.

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Re: updated version

I guess you'd need to have some sort of list of which country goes in which zone. Do you have a list of all possible countries? You'd have to add a column to it for 'zone'. You could also then have a separate list of zones which you could apply rules too etc.

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Re: Re: updated version

To make is more visual, use the same layout as the user access page.
vertical: countries and corresponding zones.
horizontal: rules.

In the matrix one can make the rules per zone/country active. Some java script is neccesary to make sure that only one rule can be activated per country/zone.


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Shipping rates

Can anybody think of a way to do these flat rates and let the customer choose the one they want

£2.50 to the UK (Recorded Delivery)

£3.00 to Europe (Airmail)

£4.00 to Everywhere else (Airmail)

£6.00 to the UK (Special Next Working Day Delivery)

£8.00 to Europe (International Signed For)

£10.00 to Everywhere else (International Signed For)

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Hi Megg Is this module

Hi Megg

Is this module working I installed it but didn't working gave me an error

Once setup and installed and I told it to charge 10.50 for USA customers and for Canadians 7.75

Went into the checkout pressed calculate shipping and said can not calculate shipping

Do you think you could take a look at this install and see if its install correctly?


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hey adam, the 'calculate

hey adam,

the 'calculate shipping' function does not work with the geoshipping module. with geoshipping, the customer only sees the shipping costs once they've proceeded to the 'review order' step in the checkout process.

however, never fear! arbel has been doing a lot of work improving the geoshipping module, and his new module 'world quotes' does give the customer a preview of shipping costs earlier in the process:

check it out and help with testing. world quotes has mo' better features than geoshipping, so will probably eventually supercede it.


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All contrys + regions?

I posted up the SQL which will import all the countries here:

There is also CSV file that has a column for global regions (as per the UN groupings) which might come in handy of you want to have a default or allow other modules (i.e. postage services from various countries) to over write this with their own...

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Geoshipping with Locations and Products

Hello Folks,

This is my modified version from this module. You can now add shipping rules bases on products and locations. Tested on ubercart 1.0 .

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Do you have to select products for geoshipping to work?

I set up the module and would like to change a flat rate based on country.
Seems i have to choose 'No Product' or a single product.
This extra shipping cost is product independent - what do i need to do?
I'm already using a flat rate charge - is this a potential conflict?

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Re: Geoshipping: assign postage rates to geographical locations

this module does not work

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Ubercart 2 released?

Great idea.. but do you think it will be ported to ubercart 2 anytime soon???

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Re: Ubercart 2 released?

Subscribed - Yes - that module is highly needed for UC2!