In-store pickup shipping quote module


***This Modules has been abandoned***
Use this in-store pickup modules instead:

This is a copy of the uc_flatrate module. I needed for my store a shipping method for people who'd pick up products ordered online directly from the store. It's a bit of a hack and I assume eventually ubercart's shipping method's will be more flexible. But for now it meets my needs and I hope some of you as well.

BTW, if you want to change the text that's displayed to customers as they checkout, search the uc_pickup.module code for "change name here".

Other then that, just install the module and use it normally.

Also, if anyone wants yet another flatrate module in addition to the uc_flatrate and this one it'd be easy to modify this or the uc_flatrate module as I did. Just change every reference to uc_flatrate in the module and install file. This would we be useful if you had say, two stores where a customer could pick up his purchase.

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Re: In-store pickup shipping quote module

The modules seams not to work with alpha7e, if it is the only active shipping module i will receive in the interface an error like: There were problems getting a shipping quote. Please verify the delivery and product information and try again.
If this does not resolve the issue, please call in to complete your order.

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Re: Re: In-store pickup shipping quote module

yes, a little update could be great.... or declare the module as abandoned

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Re: Re: Re: In-store pickup shipping quote module

For now, remember to check the compatibility... maybe when we get to beta I'll start pushing people to update or abandon their contributions.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: In-store pickup shipping quote module

I just wrote a new one from scratch:

I wrote another shipping module at the same time, this one was pretty simple to write while I had the API in my head anyways.

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Valid Callback Error When Using In Store Pickup

Seeing this error message only when selecting the in store selection which is set at the default level of $0.00. If flat rate shipping is chosen no warnings and all works well.

* warning: call_user_func(): First argument is expected to be a valid callback in C:\apache2triad\htdocs\drupal_5.2\modules\shipping\uc_quote\uc_quote.module on line 875.
    * Invalid option selected. Recalculate shipping quotes to continue.

See the same issue on the localhost site (Drupal 5.2) and two live sites (Drupal 5.3).

And here is the code listing for the above error in the uc quote module.

Code for uc quote module when the error is occurring.

$method = $methods[$quote_option[0]];
      $quote_data = array();
      $quote_data[$method['id']] = call_user_func($method['quote']['callback'], $products, $details);
      $messages = ob_get_contents();
      if ($messages && variable_get('uc_quote_log_errors', false)){
        watchdog('quote', $messages, WATCHDOG_WARNING);
      if (!isset($quote_data[$quote_option[0]][$quote_option[1]])){
        drupal_set_message(t('Invalid option selected. Recalculate shipping quotes to continue.'), 'error');
        return false;

Seems like an interaction issue between the two modules. Uber works OK if In Store Pickup is removed.