OneClick Pay


While it can be used on a production deployment this module is considered BETA.


  1. Signup as a merchant here (there are no fees whatsoever).
  2. Copy the file to the "ubercart/payment/" directory
  3. Extract the file (tar -xvzf uc_oneclickpay_lite.tar.gz)
  4. Load the module in the Drupal admin portal.
  5. Enable the payment method and set your merchantID (provided when you signed up as a merchant) on the Site Administration -> Configuration -> Payment settings -> Payment methods page. You can accept payments immediately but you (the merchant) will not be paid until you verify your bank account (by confirming the amounts of the micro-deposits).

Known issues:

  • Imperfect check image layout on some browsers.
  • Trusted client issue. The return values get POSTed back through the customer (browser client) so if they really wanted to they could spoof the transaction return value. We are working on a server-side model to obviate this issue, but until then you can check the transaction status (which is impervious against customer manipulation) on the merchant portal. You can log-in to the merchant portal after you verify your bank account.
  • Pay by electronic check only. No credit cards are accepted through our portal at this time.

Comment on the zero-cost issue: While we will advertise when the user logs in to check their statement on our portal (that's how we are able to be zero cost) we will never sell private information.
Feel free to go through the code and offer suggestions. Our website.

If you have any questions you can reply on here or email me: luke AT noca DOT com

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