Create a node that contains the grid view you have created for your products


Create a node that contains the grid view you have created for your products
Now that we know how to create a grid view for our products it is useful to know how to take that view and insert it into a page. This gives you maximum flexibility in presenting and formatting the product category you wish to display.

--You will need the Viewfield module (

--The following tutorial assumes you already have the Views module uploaded and activated.)

1. Upload and activate the Viewfield module.

2. Navigate to /admin/content/types/page.

3. Click on the Add field tab.

4. Give your view a name ("Insert a view"). Click on "select list" under View Reference. Save.

5. Click on "Display fields" or navigate to /admin/content/types/page/display.

6. For View Reference, label, select "hidden." Save.

7. Go to create content, select page, and you should now see a field that says "Insert a View:" and beneath it a drop down list of all the views you have created.

8. Select a view, add whatever title and other information you wish, and click on Submit.

9. You have just created an individual node that contains a view, which itself is a query that holds other nodes. You can insert multiple views into a single page. One view could be the name of a product manufacturer, and the other could be all the products made by that manufacturer which you sell. (Note: to do this you will need to go to /admin/content/types/page/fields, click on Configure "insert a view" field, and under Data settings select "multiple values.") The possibilities are (almost) endless.

10. Using URL aliasing or URL redirecting, you can either customize the path of your new page (for example, catalog/widgets) or simply redirect the node to a different address.