Cart Links Settings

This settings form only appears when you have enabled the Cart Links module.

Cart links in Ubercart are specially crafted links that allow you to do the following things when a customer clicks them:

  • Empty the customer's shopping cart.
  • Add any quantity of any number of products (while setting attribute if applicable).
  • Display a custom message to the user.
  • Track the click for display on a store report.
  • Redirect to any page on the site.

The settings page shows some instructions for creating links while taking care of a few administrative options:

  • The first checkbox lets administrators with access see the product string necessary for the cart link to add a given product to the cart. All you have to do is go to the product page and add it like normal and a message will be displayed with the string to use.
  • The second checkbox turns on tracking for any cart link that has an ID.
  • The first textarea allows you to specify the custom messages used in cart links. These include an ID number and a text message separated by a | (pipe) character. Hit enter between separate messages.
  • The third checkbox lets the API know it should process cart links that include the empty cart action.
  • The second textarea lets you restrict access to cart links to only the links specified in the box. Do not include the /cart/add/ part of the cart link when specifying links.
  • The final textfield lets you specify what page to redirect to when you are restricting cart link access and someone attempts to use an inappropriate link.

Using the cart links module will allow you to track affiliate sales, see basic reports, and make sure malicious users or people don't create unapproved links. Cart links can be added wherever you want-on any node, post, or e-mail message for example.