Workflow Configuration

Ubercart uses the Workflow-ng module to let store administrators setup automatic order workflow steps. The term configuration in relation to workflow represents a complete set of rules to process on a specified event. The configuration consists of a set of actions to perform if the specified conditions are met.

For example, consider the following configuration provided by the payment module:

Label: Update order status on full payment
Event: A payment gets entered for an order
Conditions: If the order balance is less than or equal to 0
Actions: Update the order status to Payment received

So, when a payment gets entered for an order, the workflow system will check to see if the conditions are met. In this case, if the payment brought the order's balance to 0 (or lower), then the order's status is updated to reflect a received payment.

The above is just an example of the default configurations provided by Ubercart. In order to use any of them, you need to browse to the form at Administer › Site building › Workflow-ng. In the Operations column, you can click on a configuration's edit link to bring up another settings form. This form will let you relabel the configuration if you desire and check a checkbox to activate or deactivate it.

You are also encouraged to create custom workflow configurations to handle your order processing. Read more about that here. We decided to go with this system because of its great flexibility. We're working with the author of the module to bring in some UI improvements, some of which have already been implemented.