API Documentation Index

The following functions are all a part of the Ubercart API available to developers coding for or integrating other code with Ubercart. Many functions aren't documented yet, so feel free to browse the source to see what we're using or ask in the forums if you can't find something. Report inaccuracies in the documentation forum. A very simple documentation site is also available at api.ubercart.me.
Functionsort icon Module Function group
hook_add_to_cart uc_cart.module hook
hook_calculate_tax uc_taxes.module hook
hook_cart_display uc_cart.module hook
hook_cart_item uc_cart.module hook
hook_cart_pane uc_cart.module hook
hook_ca_action ca.module hook
hook_ca_condition ca.module hook
hook_ca_predicate ca.module hook
hook_ca_trigger ca.module hook
hook_checkout_pane uc_cart.module hook
hook_download_authorize uc_file.module hook
hook_file_action uc_file.module hook
hook_file_transfer_alter uc_file.module hook
hook_line_item uc_order.module hook
hook_order uc_order.module hook
hook_order_pane uc_order.module hook
hook_order_state uc_cart.module hook
hook_payment_gateway uc_payment.module hook
hook_payment_method uc_payment.module hook
hook_shipping_method uc_quote.module hook
hook_shipping_type uc_quote.module hook
hook_store_status uc_store.module hook
hook_uc_cart_alter uc_cart.module hook
hook_uc_message uc_store.module hook
theme_uc_cart_block_content uc_cart.module theme