jEdit -- Text Editor

jEdit is a mighty text editor that allows developers to install plugins to make their specific job easier. Because it runs on Java, it will run on any machine, but because it runs on Java, it will run slower than most other text editors. We feel this is an acceptable trade-off because of the sheer number of things jEdit can be made to do, and the ease of getting it to do those things.

jEdit can be downloaded from and comes with an easy installation on most systems. Once jEdit is up and running, the Plugin Manager can download a list of plugins to let you pick and choose what is right for your needs. The next page will have a list of plugins we use when developing in Drupal.

    jEdit Features
  • 130 default syntax highlighting and auto-indent modes
  • word wrap
  • line folding to hide unneccessary code
  • infinite undo/redo
  • infinite copy/paste registers
  • text area splitting
    • view different files for comparison
    • view different areas of the same file
  • visual diff
  • FTP file browser
  • Global- and buffer-level configurable options