Ubercart Hook Index

The following hooks are defined by Ubercart modules and should be used when extending the system's functionality. Links lead to pages with description and examples:
Hook Description
hook_add_to_cart Allows modules to perform an action when an item is being added to the cart and stop the action from occurring if need be.
hook_add_to_cart_data Allows modules to copy extra data for a product when it is added to the cart.
hook_cart_item Act on items added to a customer's shopping cart.
hook_cart_pane Add information to the cart view screen.
hook_checkout_pane Define panes used in the checkout process.
hook_download_authorize Define additional checks before allowing a customer to download a file.
hook_file_action Create new actions to operate on files found in the file downloads directory.
hook_file_transfer_alter Alter a file before a customer downloads it.
hook_line_item Define order line items displayed on cart and order screens.
hook_order Execute code when Übercart loads, saves, or acts on an order.
hook_order_pane Define panes used on the order screens to display and edit orders.
hook_payment_gateway Define payment gateways used to process payments.
hook_payment_method Define methods customers can use to pay for orders.
hook_shipping_method Define methods to receive shipping quotes and fulfill orders.
hook_shipping_type Define product shipping types so they may be shipped.
hook_store_status Add items to the store status table on the main store administration screen.
hook_uc_message Provide default messages for long configurable messages in your module.