Core Systems

Ãœbercart's core systems can be a little overwhelming when you first start developing for it. This section of the Developer's Guide is meant to introduce you to the various core systems you may interact with when developing for Ãœbercart. Perhaps start by viewing this list of core systems and seeing which one(s) you will need to utilize to create your contribution to or modification of Ãœbercart for your site's needs. Different developers have been responsible for the development of different systems. They can be considered authorities on the code, but we can't promise that means they'll know how to fix your problems. Eye-wink
System Developer Description
Checkout Ryan The checkout system handles the checkout process, including moving products from a shopping cart to an order and collecting all the necessary information from the customer. The system uses checkout panes to display the forms, validate the input, and process the information for checkout.
Invoice Ryan The invoice system lets you create customized invoices for your orders and include them in e-mail notifications to your customers.
Line Item Ryan The line item system lets you add line items to orders for extra charges and discounts. Some core uses of line items include shipping quotes and taxes.
Order Ryan The order system lets you interact with the order in any stage of its life using a beefy order hook. The system also handles the display of orders on the customer and administration pages. Order information and forms are displayed and processed using order panes with a system similar to checkout.
Payment Ryan The payment system allows modules to define payment methods that determine how payment is made. Payment gateway modules allow Ãœbercart to interact with different services to process and log payments to orders.
Quote Lyle The shipping quote system allows modules to define methods of quoting shipping rates. Shipping quote modules also define the shipping types that the methods can handle. These shipping methods may be internal calculations or requests to external services for a rate quote.