As Ãœbercart gets used around the world, we hope that translation files will start to pop up for the various countries where it is being used. Since the project is currently in the alpha stage, you may hold off on translating until the project matures and stabilizes a little bit. There is plenty of work to be done to make sure the modules correctly use Drupal's translation function t() to support your work.

Information on translating Drupal modules may be found in these Drupal handbook pages:

Let's not duplicate translation efforts. Check the Internationalization forum for your country's support thread and see if a translation is already under way before diving into it yourself!

Coders, for information on writing translation compatible code see:

(As soon as our code has been made compatible with Drupal's translation helper script, extractor.php, we will post a list of template files. We do want to make sure the project matures so that efforts aren't wasted, too.)