Where to put report pages in the menu

At this stage in development, a final reporting system has not yet been determined. As of Alpha 7c, developers may create modules that define report pages and have them listed on the page at admin/store/reports. All you have to do is make sure that path is at the beginning of your report page path. For example, if your report shows sales data, you might define its menu item like so:

[] = array(
'path' => 'admin/store/reports/sales',
'title' => t('Sales data'),
'description' => t('Presents daily, monthly, and annual sales data.'),
'callback' => 'uc_sales_report_overview',
'access' => user_access('administer store'),

This will cause a link to the sales report page to show up in a list on the main Reports page defined by Ubercart.