API Changes from Ubercart 1.5 to 1.6

Index of changes:

  1. _array_convert() removed from uc_credit.module
  2. uc_credit_default_gateway() added to uc_credit.module
  3. uc_recurring_fee_load() no longer unserializes data field

_array_convert() removed from uc_credit.module

The unused function _array_convert() was removed from uc_credit.module. This was cruft in core. Contributed modules that somehow found and were using this function should include their own renamed version of this function or change the way they convert these arrays.

uc_credit_default_gateway() added to uc_credit.module

The function uc_credit_default_gateway() has been added in to allow modules to simply find the default payment gateway for credit card transactions. This is necessary for modules that need to check the available credit transaction types for a specific gateway.

uc_recurring_fee_load() no longer unserializes data field

The recurring fee system lets you store data in a data column when recurring fees are processed for users. The load function used to automatically attempt to unserialize that column when the fee was loaded, but serialization was not happening automatically for saving. This automatic unserialization made it difficult to store simple text values in the data column that could be queried later. The final solution was to remove the automatic unserialization and let modules that need their data serialized continue to do so themselves. Now they must also take care of this upon loading if necessary.