QuickBooks Integration

We have developed several QuickBooks integration solutions in the past that allow web based applications to communicate with Intuit's QuickBooks accounting software. Intuit's custom XML solution, qbXML, is used to organize and transfer data from the e-commerce site's database through the QuickBooks Web Connector to the open company file. Instead of relying on a custom accounting solution, site owners are then able to use an industry standard desktop application in conjunction with their store's online front end.

Our company's work with QuickBooks and support in Intuit's forums earned us a spot in the Intuit newsletter with this Geek of the Month article outlining our basic application process:


Our goal with Ubercart is to provide some level of QuickBooks integration, even if it's just for in house use. It's our hunch that other people out there will find this to be helpful, beneficial, and ultimately the deciding factor on whether or not they go with Ubercart as their e-commerce solution.

Planned features include:

  • Template, Terms, and Vendor synchronization from QuickBooks to Ubercart.
  • Customer and Inventory synchronization from Ubercart to QuickBooks.
  • Sales Invoice and Purchase Order generation from Ubercart to QuickBooks.
  • Obviously, a handy web based interface to ensure the accounts, taxes, and other line items settings are mapping correctly from Ubercart to QuickBooks.

We have experience developing integration solutions for osCommerce and other custom e-commerce applications. Some of what we have learned is included in the documentation here. There is also a Drupal user group setup through which we may try to incorporate some of our efforts to get greater community support and involvement in the project:


We have a QuickBooks Integration forum here for PHP developers with questions. We know it's not always easy! We'd love any collaborators for QuickBooks support in Ubercart to drop on in as well. Find it here: