Designing a SOAP Server

The QuickBooks Web Connector operates by communicating with a web service designed according to SOAP specifications. The Web Connector interacts with the SOAP server via remote procedure calls (RPC) that invoke one of six different methods expected to be included in the server (listed below). The return values of the server methods aren't sent back to the Web Connector via SOAP, and the Web Connector takes the appropriate action based on the information it receives.

For a simple overview of this process with illustrations, see:

Based on information found in the QuickBooks SDK, web services designed to integrate with the Web Connector must include the following six methods:

  • authenticate ($username, $password)
  • sendRequestXML ($ticket, $HCPResponse, $CompanyFileName, $qbXMLCountry, $qbXMLMajorVers, $qbXMLMinorVers)
  • receiveResponseXML ($ticket, $response, $hresult, $message)
  • getLastError ($ticket)
  • closeConnection ($ticket)
  • connectionError ($ticket, $hresult, $message)

To learn how the Web Connector uses these various methods to communicate with the web service and QuickBooks, please view the Server Core section. To learn about a SOAP library for PHP that worked perfectly for us and exceeded the default PHP SOAP functionality in terms of usability and functionality, please view the NuSOAP section.