TAPIr: Learn by Example

The demo tables used in these examples are defined in a module called tapirtest available for download from this page. Flip through the pages and see various parts of the code in action, including the settings pages and available options. Our hope is for the code provided here to answer most of your development questions. Further questions can be handled through the forums here or at drupal.org.

Download tapirtest.module - See the code for the different example pages. If you install this in your site, bear in mind that some of the links in the code may not point to the same pages on your site as they do here. (Unless you've copied this book to your site! Eye-wink) Also, I haven't bothered to include the dynamic loading example's database schema, as it's very basic and would just clutter up your database. Sticking out tongue

(The actual TAPIr module should be download from TAPIr's project page at drupal.org.)

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