Works in Progress

This is a holding page for features that have been coded but have yet to be added to the documentation:

  • Table attributes, an array returned by a table builder function called with $op = attributes.
  • Row attributes... with row attributes it's an all or nothing thing. You need to include an array in your data array with the key '#attributes' that holds arrays of attributes for each row... Oy vay... that was confusing. Example: $data['#attributes'][] = array('valign' => 'top');
  • Footer row... this is a tough cookie.. because if things can be moved around, you never know how many fields are enabled, if the order is correct, etc. etc. For now this is just a row array in $data that looks like this: $data['#footer'] = array('data' => 'yada yada', 'colspan' => '5');