Tracking Stock Levels

Almost any store dealing in tangible products will have some sort of inventory that needs to managed. Depending on your business model, your inventory management needs will differ from many people. The Ubercart core Stock module provides a very basic stock tracking system for inventory needs that's designed to be adaptable so that other 3rd party modules can link with this module to provide greater control over your inventory. Here we will only discuss how to use the Stock module's basic functions.

Initial Setup


To begin, you need to make sure you have enabled the Stock module. You can enable the module under Administer › Site building > Modules. Check the box next to Stock and press the "Save settings" button.


The next step is to adjust the settings for the Stock module. This can be done by browsing to Administer › Store administration › Configuration > Stock settings. Here you can adjust the settings for the email warning that will be sent to store administrators when stock levels run low. Checking the "Send email notification when stock level reaches its threshold value" box will send out the message when a stock has been decremented to a threshold value set by store administrators. The tokens [stock-model] and [stock-level] will, respectively, contain the SKU and stock level that has been reached. Other tokens will let you customize the message further (a link in the settings form will describe each token you can use).


The Stock module's default behavior is to decrement the stock count of items once an order has been submitted. This behavior is controlled by Conditional Actions. This can be changed at Administer › Store administration > Conditional actions. Here you will see the configuration for "Decrement stock upon order submission", clicking the "edit" link will allow you to add new conditions that will determine when to decrement stock on an order.

Adjusting Stock

With your settings adjusted, you are ready to set stock levels for your products. On the product edit page you should see a "Stock" link. Clicking it will bring a form showing all possible SKU adjustments that are possible with your product. If there are no SKU adjustments on your product then only one SKU will be shown (the SKU entered on the product edit form). Next to each SKU you will see a check box that enables stock tracking for that SKU and 2 text fields, one for the current stock level, and one for a threshold level. The threshold level is the value that the stock level is suppose to stay above. If configured, a warning will be sent if the stock level reaches the threshold level. Clicking the "Save changes" button will save any adjustment made to these values. Clicking "Disable" will turn off stock tracking for all SKUs associated with this product.

Viewing Stock

With everything configured when the Workflow configuration fires (by default, when an order is submitted), each stock level in an order will be decremented. You can see a visible confirmation of this by viewing an order page (this is done by browsing to Administer › Store administration > Orders and clicking the view order icon next to the order). In the Admin comments section you should see message(s) that notes the stock levels have been decreased.
This should cover all basic functionality of the Stock module. If you wish to view a comprehensive list of all stock levels for your store you can do so through the report that the stock module generates (found at Administer › Store administration › Reports > Stock reports). If there are greater needs for your inventory management you might want to look to other contributed inventory modules that have been submitted to