UPS certification mode

UPS requires certification to use their API in production. UPS will provide the necessary tests, and will require the request and response documents for the ship accept and confirm methods, as well as the html pages generated and the label in gif format. At the time of this writing, they required five shipments of varying values, weights, to varying addresses.

UPS may also require a number of test shipments be voided, currently five, and provide the request and response xml documents for these transactions. They list specific tracking numbers to use. This is done by editing an existing shipment and replacing the tracking numbers with the one provided by UPS, then deleting the shipment.

UPS may also require a high value report, which is generated by a shipment with an insured value of over $1000.00. This is an html document, not a gif file as the documentation states.

Patches have been submitted that provides a UPS certification mode which will generate and write these files to files/ups_certification/oid-[order_id]/ and files/ups_certification/void-sid-[shipment_id] where shipment_id is the tracking number. These patches are located at

UPS certification mode can be turned on, after the modules are patched, at Administer › Store administration › Configuration › Shipping quote settings › UPS. In order to generate the files, a user with permission to configure uc_quotes must be creating the orders.

After the tests are run and the shipments voided, you can zip these files and send them to UPS for (hopefully) certification.