Ubercart Integration with Workflow-ng

The following events, conditions, actions, and configurations have been defined by Ubercart for you to use when setting up your store. Workflow-ng configurations should be modified or created through the forms at Administer > Site building > Workflow-ng. Default configurations may need to be enabled first and modified to meet your specific needs.
  • uc_cart.module:
    • Customer completes checkout - Happens when a customer completes checkout on the site; may not happen with third party services (depends on the module).
  • uc_order.module:
    • Order status gets updated - Happens any time an order's status changes.
  • uc_payment.module:
    • A payment gets entered for an order - Happens any time a payment is entered.
  • uc_quotes.module:
    • Getting shipping quote via a particular method - Happens when the shipping method is asked to generate a shipping quote.
  • uc_taxes.module:
    • Calculate a specific tax - Happens when the tax is calculated.
  • uc_order.module:
    • Check the order status - Check for a specified order status.
    • Check the order total - Compare the order total against a specified value.
    • Check an order's delivery postal code - Check for a specified postal code or pattern.
    • Check an order's delivery zone - Check for a specified delivery zone or group of zones.
    • Check an order's delivery country - Check for a specified delivery country or group of countries.
    • Check an order's products - Check for certain products on an order.
    • Check an order's number of products - Deterimines if the order has the specified number of products, possibly of a certain type.
    • Check an order's weight - Deterimines if the order has the specified weight, possibly counting only a certain type of product.
    • Check if an order can be shipped - Check to see if an order contains shippable products.
  • uc_payment.module:
    • Check the order balance - Compare the order balance against a specified value.
    • Check the order payment method - Check for a specified payment method.
  • uc_quote.module:
    • Order has a product with a particular shipping type - Check that the order has at least one item of the chosen shipping type.
  • uc_order.module:
    • Update the order status - Change the order's status to a specified value; activates the order status update event.
    • Add a comment to the order - Add a comment to the order as a regular order comment (visible by the customer) or as an admin comment.
  • uc_taxes.module:
    • Calculate a specific tax - Calculate the amount of the tax.
  • uc_stock.module:
    • Decrement stock of products in order - Decrements all the stock levels for the SKUs in the order by each qty specified in the order.
  • uc_payment.module:
    • Update order status on full payment - This configuration will update an order's status to Payment received when a payment is entered that brings the order balance to a value less than or equal to 0.
  • uc_taxes.module:
    • Apply a specific tax - Connects a tax rule to its own Workflow-ng event and action, which allows conditions to be placed on it.