Drupal Settings Tips

We recommend the following Drupal configuration settings on sites using Ãœbercart:

  1. Choose a compact administration theme, like bluemarine, and only use a two column layout so you have the maximum space for viewing and processing orders.
  2. Enable Clean URLs. (Required for image support.)
  3. Make sure to enter your own site information!
  4. Uncheck the box that makes new accounts require email verification at Administer > User management > User settings. This isn't very e-commerce site friendly.

We would also recommend setting up the site with the Administrator account (user 1) and then setting up a separate account that you will use for the day to day business of the site. You may consider setting up an administrator role and giving that role all permissions.

Drupal recommends using the sites directory on your server to store contributed modules and themes used on your site. In the sites directory, you can create a subdirectory called sites/all/modules where you can store modules used by all sites running off your Drupal installation. You may also make a modules and themes subdirectory in your individual site directories if you only want Ãœbercart to be used on those specific sites. We recommend following this practice.

Browsing a website can be difficult for inexperienced (and even experienced!) users when site navigation items are mixed with user interaction items in a menu. You should consider breaking up your site's navigation into these two main categories. For example, instead of a single menu with items listed like "Catalog, My account, Special, Log out", you can provide two menus or some other way to access the account information.