Installing Ubercart 3.x

This tutorial covers installation of Ubercart 3.x running on Drupal 7

 For older versions of Ubercart, visit these links:

Ubercart is distributed as a module package for Drupal, a popular and flexible CMS. As such, installing Ubercart requires that you have installed Drupal and any modules that Ubercart depends on to work. The installation process may be broken down into the four steps listed below. Please ensure that you meet the minimum system requirements for Drupal and the Ubercart specific system requirements before starting. With your Drupal installation running, all you need is to enable Ubercart and its required modules. In Drupal, modules are self-contained bits of code that adds functionality to Drupal. Some of the core parts of Drupal (such as the functionality that maintains a list of users who can login to your site) are implemented through modules. If you find yourself saying "Drupal is great, but I need it to do...", more often than not, you can find a module on that does what you need it to. Modules are easy to install and uninstall in Drupal. To get started, connect to your website directory like before through FTP/SSH (or however you access your website's files). Browse to the world-viewable directory where you uploaded all the drupal files. Among these files you should see a "sites" directory. Open that directory and then open the directory named "all". In the "all" directory you will create a new directory named "modules" (or use the existing "modules" directory if it already exists).

example: yourSite/yourDrupalFolder/sites/all/modules

 Any new modules will be uploaded into this directory. In this tutorial, we will go through the list of modules that you need to upload and install before we can install Ubercart.

Ubercart System Requirements

Because Ubercart is a large module package, we also recommend setting your memory limit to 64Mb or higher instead of the 32Mb recommended for just core Drupal. Furthermore, some modules require cURL and SimpleXML support, so you should check to make sure these options are available with your web host.

Module-specific requirements

  • uc_authorizenet: cURL
  • uc_cybersource: cURL, or SOAP and DOM
  • uc_google_checkout: SimpleXML
  • uc_paypal: cURL
  • uc_ups: SimpleXML, OpenSSL
  • uc_usps: SimpleXML