Order settings

Order settings:

These are pretty straight forward. How many orders do you want to see on the screen at a time? Make it so! Enabling order logging will track anything done to orders from the administration pages. This will log changes to addresses, payment information, products, etc. The payments system uses it to track when payments are completed, and the notification system logs when e-mails are sent out. Never lose information again! Sticking out tongue This is great for systems with multiple store administrators to understand what your co-workers or employees have been doing with orders prior to you processing them. Finally, if you don't like using the uBrowser to browse your product catalog when adding products to an order, you can disable it here.

Order workflow:

The order workflow section lets you view and customize the order statuses available to you when administering an order. Ubercart defines some default statuses that may be renamed or reordered, and they all correspond to an order state to handle default actions like creation and checkout of orders from a customer's shopping cart. You may rename the defaults statuses or even define additional order statuses for the various states to accommodate your store's particular order workflow.

For example, a store that allows users to pay remotely after an order has been placed may receive and review every order that gets checked out. When an order is reviewed and payment has not yet been received, it may be moved into an "Awaiting payment" order status. To define this status, you would click the "Create new status" button on the workflow settings page and define a new order status for the "Post checkout" order state.

If you want to adjust the default statuses for the various order states, you will need to expand the collapsed fieldset titled "Order states" and adjust the settings accordingly.

Order panes:

Every block on the order administration pages is referred to as an order pane. Each pane can be toggled on or off for different order viewing/editing screens, and they may be rearranged using weight. Panes are displayed in order of lowest weight to highest weight. Expand this menu to see a list of all the panes available to your site, and expand each pane menu to adjust its settings.


When processing orders, it helps to have as much information on the screen as possible. We've tried to help you out by making the forms compact, but we can only do so much. Some themes display everything spread out and just won't accommodate order administration. We recommend using a compact administration theme like bluemarine so you have maximum space available for viewing and managing your orders.

Also, you may not want your fledgling store to appear so young to your customers. However, as soon as someone checks out with an order number in the single digits, you're exposed. You might consider manually modifying your database to force order numbers to start at a higher value. To see how this is done, please refer to this FAQ.